Washington D.C. Research for MISS MATCH

I apologize for the lengthy post.   Last week, I was in Washington D.C. [it’s one of my favorite cities.  To me, it’s like New York and Paris had a baby names Washington D.C.  Okay, so that sounds a little lame.  But this time I stayed in Potomac.  My mom was there for a conference so I tagged along.  It was the perfect time for me to do a little research and relax.

I love D.C.   Whenever I’m there, I try to visit as many museums and monuments as possible.  This time, because I was staying out of the city, I had a rental car and drove in to the city.  And true to my nature, I got lost, but that was the cool part.  I got to see some things I hadn’t before….China town, State Department, old-town Arlington, and the Nationals Ball Park.

My favorite thing this trip was standing where Dr. King stood and gave his infamous speech.  WOW!  I got to spend some time in my other favorite city Georgetown.  I go there every time in D.C. for one reason Dean & Deluca.  Side note, I had the most amazing truffle gouda cheese.  It was like eating butter.  Now another one of my favorites is in D.C….Paul.  It’s one of my favorite Parisian Patisseries.  I love their Parisian sandwich…simple ham, cheese with butter on a baguette. So good.

Here are some images from my trip.  The Washington Monument from the spot where Dr. King stood, the Hope Diamond, First Lady Michelle Obama’s first inaugural gown, Dr. King plaque and a selfie of me at the Dr. King monument.  [Click the images to enlarge view]

The reason I went to D.C. is because I have a couple of books, more like series I’m working on with characters based in Washington D.C.  Fret not, they aren’t politicians.  The first series is MISS MATCH [releasing next week].  It’s the story of Charlotte “Charlie” Griggs.  She’s a matchmaker for the wealthy and elite.  She’s amazing at helping her clients find love.  Unfortunately, her own love life is in the toilet.

I wanted to do something different this time.  Instead of setting the story in New York or one of the more affluent cities in California, I used Washington D.C. as her base.  Being in D.C. helped me get a feel for the environment and what her world is like.  In this book, there aren’t a lot of references or D.C. points of interests, the city is sort of a supporting character.  Did you catch that part about “this book”?  Smile.  There’s a second book coming.  I took a few mental while on holiday.

The other book will be out sometime next year.  I’m keeping the title to myself right now.  That story revolves around a very wealthy D.C. attorney who’s fallen in love with the wrong woman.  His story is really the one I researched on my trip.  A little info on him.  He’s gorgeous…roughly six feet four, built like a muscular dark chocolate wall.  He rides a motorcycle when he’s not behind the wheel of his luxury sedan.  Like most of the men in my books, he cooks, loves hard and is plagued by dreams of this forbidden love.  So far, I love the way his story is coming.

But the next few days, it’s all about book eight in my 12 Titles in 12 Months challenge.  MISS MATCH.  I like Charlotte and hope you  do too.

Happy Reading.

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What happens when the matchmaker inadvertently gets matched while matching someone else?

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