RWA Conference 2016

I just got back from my first RWA National Conference.  YAY!  The past four and half days I have been hanging with my fellow romance writers.  I can’t say just women, because there are some men romance writers

This was my first time attending a national conference and it was every thing I thought it would be and so much more.  I got to hang out with my friends as well as make some new ones.  Plus the coolest thing of all, I got to chat with seasoned RomVets and some new stars.  I’ll post more about the conference later, but I wanted to share my swag image with you.


Here’s a list of my conference swag haul.

Print Books     55

eBook Downloads     23

Craft Books  2

Excerpts Books and Downloads   13

Notebooks/pads    8

Pens    5

Buttons  5

Wine  1 Bottle

Juice Bottle   1

Can Sleeve   1

Playing Cards   2 Decks

Fans   2

Stickers  1 sheet

Audible Gift Card  1

Lighted Mirror  1

Magnets  2

Bags    8

Signed Post cards  3

Tissues   1

Book Lights  1


Wow…that’s a lot.  And I missed two signings, otherwise it would have been more.

Here’s the cool things about all this swag, I’ll be sharing some of it.  Once I decompress and get my next book out, I’ll give you details on how you can score some of my conference swag.

We’ll chat soon.


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