New Release available for Pre-Order at iBooks

I am so excited to tell you about my ninth book…9th…No.9…#9…THE FLING.  To celebrate the birth of my 9th title, I’m making it available for pre-order at iBooks.

The Fling Cover as of 6.21.2016

Selena Crawford and Reuben Porche are lonely work-a-holics in need of a vacation.  They meet when they are forced into taking a vacation at a luxury resort in Anguilla.

Selena is a little self-conscious about her body.  All her life she’s been referred to as the cute, chunky girl.  But when she meets billionaire Reuben Porche, he teaches her how to embrace her curves.  As her vacation progresses, so does her attitude about herself.  She slowly begins to see what Reuben sees…a beautiful, confident, exciting, curvy, and sexy woman.

But like all vacation romances, this one has an expiration date or does it?

Is it possible to have a long-lasting or permanent relationship with your vacation fling?

THE FLING available for Pre-Order at iBooks.




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