Family Vacay

I have just returned from a much needed vacation.  It also served as a little research trip.  I very rarely talk about my personal life.  Probably because I think my characters are a lot more interesting.

Anyway, my family and I had been planning to take a vacation for quite a while.  We’ve done mini breaks, but not a real vacation.  You know what I mean.  The kind of trip that requires you to pack more than a couple of changes of clothes and a passport.  Not to mention abandoning all work.  Okay, so I  did a little work the first couple of days.  Here’s a tip, when you go on vacation, be prepared to deal with your email when you return.  I had over 5200 unanswered emails when I rejoined the work force.

So after a few years of planning, postponing and saving, we went on an old-fashioned family vacation to Paris and London for almost two weeks.  [Which explains the abundance of emails.]

I was the unofficial tour guide and keeper of the French Language app.  I was a little nervous about the language.  After all, it had been over twenty years since I had to speak French other than Bonjour and Merci.  With all the hustling about to get my book out, I didn’t have time to take any refresher courses.  Thank God, for The Good Girl Part Deux, some of which is set in Paris.  Writing that book helped revive my memory with a few French phrases.  But honestly, if you make an attempt to speak French, most French people will help you.

So, if you don’t mind, in between posting about my new releases, I’ll be sharing posts about my vacation.

Merci and Passez une bonne journée [thank you and have a great day]



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