Meet Taylor from The Alex Chronicles: What My Friends Don’t Know

Alex Book One Promo Card Taylor



Jason has been calling me every day since I bolted.  He says all he wants to do is talk, but every time I hear his voice, I melt.  His voice reminds me of a deep baritone angel.  I can’t talk to him, because I’ll get lost in the beautiful sound of his voice and instantly forget why being with him is wrong.

I may like younger men, but I draw the line at dating a classmate’s son.  It’s bad enough I dated my ex-boyfriend’s father.  Every time I think about seeing Jason’s mother’s picture, it re-enforces the fact that he is way too young for me, and that’s a bad thing…but being bad can be very fun.

I picked up my phone and pressed Jason’s number and stared at his picture.  Call me weak.  I pressed the button and before the second ring, my phone beeped with a call from my assistant.   Okay God, I get it.  I’ll leave him alone.

“Hi Dylan.”

“Oh good, I got you.”

“What’s up?”

“Where are you?”

“I’m coming down the street.  Is the client there?”

“Yes, but I don’t think….I mean, Clarice called and she’s a couple of blocks over and she could really use your help.  I can handle things here.”

“Dylan, I’m pulling into the driveway.  Once I sign the papers you have for me, you can go help Clarice.”

“But Taylor, I mean, boss, really it’s no problem.  I’m already here and we’re almost finished with the walk-through.”

I got out of the car and hurried inside.  “Dylan, hang up.”  I pressed the button, ended the call, walked inside and down the hall to the kitchen.

I love this house.  I actually considered selling my house and buying this one, except it’s too big for me.  Maybe if I had a family.

Dylan was standing in the doorway of the kitchen with a folder and a pen.

“Hey Taylor, sign where the tabs are and then you can go help Clarice.”

“Where’s the client?”

“He’s down the hall.”

I took the folder and pushed past him.  I put my bag on the counter and signed the papers.  “Is there anything else?” I handed him the folder.

“Taylor, I really can handle this,” he pleaded.

“Dylan, stop it.”

I heard footsteps approaching.  “Go help Clarice and I’ll be there as soon as I finish here.”


“Dylan…leave or find a new job.”  He turned and walked away.

I looked in the direction of the footsteps and saw a cute boy, tall, fair skinned, dark hair and gentle eyes. He looked vaguely familiar.  Then, I heard a second set of heavier footsteps.  I looked in the direction of the footsteps waiting on the client to appear.  “Hello Taylor.”


“I see you’ve met my son, Zachary.”  He continued into the kitchen.

“Your what!”



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