Meet Kendell from The Alex Chronicles: What My Friends Don’t Know

Alex Book One Promo Card Kendell



I WAS WALKING ALONG THE beach and an incredibly sexy, tall, brown skinned man approached me.  He smiled and a chill traveled the length of my body.

“Would you like some company?”

“That would be nice.”

We strolled along the length of the white, hot sandy beach a while before he casually reached for my hand.  His touch felt like I’d been shot with an electric jolt.

We stopped walking and he dragged his finger across my lips, down my chin, along my neck, just stopping at the apex of my breasts.  I could barely breathe.  I felt like a busty, frisky romance novel heroine.  My eyes locked with his as he crushed his lips against mine, invading my mouth with his tongue.  He tasted like pineapple and sweet wine.  I wanted more.  He pulled me closer as his hands slid down….Bzzzz…Bzzzz…Bzzzz…Crap!…Crap!…Crap!  The alarm rang and I woke up soaking wet, with no memory of the rest of the dream.

I’ve been having this same dream once a week for the past three years.  I have no idea what happens next because my alarm wakes me up.


To celebrate the release, I’m keeping it at the pre-order price, $2.99.

Available at  Amazon    iBooks   Nook or Barnes and Noble   Kobo

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