I’m so excited to share this.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been talking about my first born, THE ALEX CHRONICLES Series.

Here’s a little tidbit I can share with you.  The Prequel for THE ALEX CHRONICLES is available, sort of.  I am setting this book as a permanent FREEBIE.  That’s right…FREE.  It’s a common practice for writers to give a book away once they have their third release.  Okay, so I probably should have waited until the first full-length in the series was ready, but I wanted to give you a little peek inside the world of these five best friends now.

How do you get your copy?  The eBook will be Perma Free on most eBook outlets.  I’v almost completed the setup process, which means it’s popping up free on a few sites.  Once the set up is complete, I’ll  need a little help letting Amazon know it’s free elsewhere, so they can make it free on their site.  Until that happens, you can get a copy at one of the following outlets: SmashwordsiBooks, and Scribd.  I’ll keep you posted when it becomes FREE at Amazon, and is available at Barnes and Noble and Kobo .

Another treat, I’ll be giving away three signed print copies on GoodReads.  If you don’t win one of the GoodReads copies and print is your preference, you can order one at Amazon for $5.99.

Thanks for reading my books.


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