Phillippe is trying everything he can think of to get Gabriella out of  his thoughts and dreams.  Unfortunately, nothing is working.  Every time, he closes his eyes, she’s there taunting him.  Sleep is eluding him and he knows what he needs to do.

See how he resolves his sleepless nights in THE GOOD GIRL available at Amazon for FREE for a limited time.  Here’s a little teaser.



I rolled over and tried to sleep, but every time I closed my eyes, Gabriella was there with those sexy lips and those dangerous hips.  She’s got me all tied up in knots and now the not sleeping is getting worse.  I was getting a few torturous hours.  Now, I’m sleeping like a baby…two hours here and then up for one. This ongoing agony is killing me.

I bet she’s sound asleep, secure in knowing she’s got the upper hand.  I could try another cold shower, but what good would that do?  I’d just be cold and wide awake with the only warm solution guaranteed to help me sleep at the end of the hall.

“No.”  The sound of her sweet and innocent voice uttering that powerful two letter word is like an anvil landing on my foot.  I know she said it, because I saw her lips move as the word floated off her lips.  In the past, when I asked, well I didn’t really ask, it was more like me taking the liberty of inviting myself in, I was always received with open arms.  And not for a hit and run, but for the night.

And when there was a little apprehension, I simply dropped a few words of French.  I myself am amazed at how powerful the French language is.  The French side of me is well versed in the art of seduction.  A few choice words in French, a little ear nibbling and a gentle stroke of the arm at the door and I’m in for the night.  None of that worked with Gabriella.


Read what happened next in your copy of  The Good Girl.

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