Sometimes Who We Think We Are, Really Isn’t Who We Are…


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“You’re finally realizing that you want more than he’s willing to give you.”

She looked at his large hands and her thoughts got confused.  Sean was right.  She wanted more and Eric wasn’t capable of more.  On the other hand, she was thinking how soft Sean’s hands felt, and how she would love to have them patting a few other parts of her body.  She pulled back and stood up.  “Maybe this was a bad idea.”


“I’m a little vulnerable right now and you are…wow… uhm…can we get some air?”

He looked at her and she looked flustered.  “Sure.  Let me get Simon.”  He grabbed Simon’s leash.  “Simon.”  He called out and a few seconds later, the little dog came running into the kitchen with Winnie following behind him.  He reached down and locked the leash onto Simon’s collar while Kyla did the same for Winnie.  They boarded the elevator and rode downstairs.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“It’s a beautiful night.”

“Yes, it is.  Where are we going?”

He looked at her smiling.  “To the park.”

“Seems Simon knows the way.” Noting Simon pulling Sean.

“Shhh, don’t tell Simon he’s not a great dane.”  They both laughed.  He reached for her hand and their fingers interlocked.  She looked down and smiled.  “Sometimes who we think we are, really isn’t who we are.”



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