First Blog Tour

I’m prepping for my first blog tour next month. When I set out to write books, I thought all you did was write a book hand it to an agent. Let me back up, I thought getting an agent would be a piece of cake, but that’s a whole other story.

Back to what I was saying. I thought this would be easy. I’d give the agent the book, they’d hand it back needing a few corrections. I forgot the part about the big fat check I’d get from the publisher that requested the corrections or changes to said manuscript. Then I’d hand the book back and the agent and publisher would handle the rest. That was the old system, sort of.

What I hadn’t realized was I would have to do a lot of the marketing and promotion myself. [One of the reasons I chose self-publishing. The thought of doing a lot of the work and splitting my money didn’t appeal to me.]

So here I am prepping for my first blog tour and I’m on edge. Why? Because although I wrote the book it seems I have become the “Absent Minded Writer.” I wrote the book, but when it comes to answering questions about it, I have a major case of brain fog.

So how am I going to unclog my brain and be the intelligent writer I know I am and speak on a subject I’m the only one that knows in depth? I think the same way I do when I get stuck on a chapter…just start writing. Eventually, the right words will appear.

I’ll keep you posted on the tour.


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