I have either done something insane or smart.  I’m a member of RWA [Romance Writers of America].  That’s the smart thing.  They’re doing a writing challenge called THE END.  The premise is to write at least 2000 words per month.

I jumped at the opportunity to participate, because I have a few projects I want to complete…the second books in both of my series.  I may have gotten ahead of myself.

I don’t think I’ve shared this, but there is a sequel to Generational Curse.  Funny thing is people keep asking me if there’s a sequel and if Kyla will be in it.  I didn’t want to answer too soon, but the answer to both questions is “yes.”   I have the first six chapters written and all I’ll  say is WOW!!!  Wait ’til you meet Kyla’s baby sister.  That’s all the teaser I’ll give.

The other book is the second in The Alex Chronicles series.  No, that’s not a typo.  I’m proofing the first book and it should be out very soon.  I learned with my first book not to promise a release date until the final proof has been approved.

Here’s the insane part.  I’m working on all of these books at the same time.  Talk about a party in my head.  I’m juggling very diverse characters and themes.

The smart part of this…signing up for the challenge.  Since I’ve signed up for the challenge, I’ve added over 4000 words to Alex Book Two and I’m half way complete on the Alex Book One proof.  If I stay on track, I could have both books released within weeks of each other and the  Generational Curse sequel out by Fall…maybe.

Why the delay?  I’m part of a box set coming out early Summer.   Good news, I already wrote it.  Even better news, it’s the first in a really cool series.  It’s too soon to share the title, but I think you’ll like the characters.  I’ll post more details as it gets closer to release day.

Back to work.


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